Monday, July 8, 2013

Design Contests

A few years ago,  I entered a local design contest and won.

That propelled me to enter additional design contests and even a few video contests.
Unfortunately, I didn't win additional contests, and my interests have since shifted.

Design contests are a great way to push your creative side, learn, and develop your skills.  The fact that all contests have a deadline, means you can't put them off.

I have submitted a video for a Super Bowl commercial, a Lego animation, and designed a restaurant, an office building, a kitchen, and furniture.

I've also entered and even won a various 'photoshop' contests.

If you need something to do or you're stuck in a rut, try a contest. You may even win a prize.
The award-winning bus stop (that sadly, was never built).

An Electrolux sponsored kitchen design.
I don't know why I went with yellow walls. That might just be why I didn't win.
Quick service restaurant.

A paper model of an office building with cafeteria.

Lego Halloween animation.

A long cut of my superbowl commerical.
It didn't win because my story didn't fit into a 30 second spot and
it wasn't funny. Commercials should be funny, and better still, clever.

Push yourself and develop your skills. I've learned and improved with every contest I've done.
And a few links to design contests:

And a couple links for video contests:
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