Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bathroom Vanity

I built and designed a bathroom vanity. It is by far the nicest piece of furniture I've built.

Here are a few pictures and notes.

I used 3/4" plywood. Since I wanted to stain this, I mitered all corners.  If you are going to stain plywood, you can't have an edge visible as it will look less than desirable.

My doors and drawers are solid wood, since I can't hide those edges with a miter.

The vanity is held together with glue and finish nails

I went to a glass company and got them to cut the glass to fit the doors.

The glass is caulked into the wood door.  I modified and bent curtain rod hangers to hold the glass in from the back. I didn't trust caulk alone. The end result looks professional.

I used European style hinges on the doors and self closing drawer slides.

A stone and counter supply business provided the granite top and back splash. I gave them the dimensions and they cut it.

 Construction adhesive holds the granite to the cabinet, and I caulked where the back splash meets the counter and where the top edge of the back splash meets the wall.

Since I used a vessel sink, I made the vanity 6" shorter than a typical cabinet which left it 2'-6" tall.

I sealed all faces of the wood, so that if there ever was a water issue, any face of the wood has protection.

The only change  I would do in the future is to make the sink drain opening in the wood top larger, or not install a solid wood top on the vanity under the granite at the sink location.  This would provide more space for the drain pipe collar.

It turned out great, and I get a lot of compliments on it.  Usually along the lines of, "That vanity is amazing. You built that?"
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