Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Graphic Design: Photoshop Silliness

The silliness started with this image.

This is a muftak.

Silliness is a great way to further photoshop skills.  The final image is nothing amazing, but it does include a few subtle details that will help any photoshopping effort.

First I deleted the green background using the magic wand at varying tolerances. I scaled the humanoid figure to match the photo. I also used the blur filter to try and match image quality.

A few of the subtle details are the glowing light saber, the mic in the left hand, and the shadow from the fur to the leggings.

The glowing light saber is done by picking a color lighter than the saber and utilizing the outer glow blending option. Set your spread and size options and it's done.

The mic integrates the grafted image into the original image. Of course this humanoid creature would have a mic when performing. Look for details you can incorporate to make the overall image blend.

Shadow at the transition. It gives the image depth and blends the transition- always good things.

The text is a scaled gradient to block out, an outer glow for a border, and then a rotate.

If you'll also notice, the humanoid creature is on the background screen. This is my favorite detail. I knocked the opacity down to 97% just to soften it, then tweaked contrast and brightness.

Matching the grid was actually simple, I image searched 'grid', copy and pasted, adjusted the scale, multiplied the image, then tweaked brightness/contrast. It's that simple.

To go the extra mile, an inner glow to the creature to mimic the back light on the performers is required. I would have duplicated the creature layer, and done two different inner glows to better duplicate the lights effect. Maybe a few passes with the brush on a low opacity, and it would look even better.
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