Monday, July 1, 2013

Prop Dynamite

You can't accurately impersonate Wile E. Coyote without a good stick of dynamite.


I used 1.25" diameter wood dowels cut to 12" in length.

I cut seven. One in the middle, and six around the perimeter.

I painted them individually. I used a base coat of red, and then misted black and white on them to mottle the color. The mist coats were purposely uneven to get a good color variation.

Once the paint was dry, I glued the sticks together. Black electrical tape was wrapped around the top and bottom to simulate banding.

I had wire lying around.  I'm guessing 18 gauge or so, that was cut into seven 10" lengths.  I drilled a hole in the center of each stick of dynamite on the top and glued one end of the wire in. I braided the wire and tied a knot in it.

Cartoon mischief, here I come!

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