Monday, July 29, 2013

Pixel City

At a time, I endeavored to create a pixel art style collage consisting of various pop-culture and movie references...

Big surprise that never went anywhere. 

Pixel art is just that, individual pixels make up a very simple, cartoon-like image.  When you enlarge the image, you begin to see the blockiness the pixels create.
Here are a few images from that week in my life when I was going to make an awesome collage. I was aiming for something like this. I fell incredibly short.

All of these are done from scratch, using reference pictures for the two well known likenesses.

Possibly the most famous fire house- Hook & Ladder #8.

This is nothing specific, a practice run so to speak.

The home to our favorite dysfunctional family.

Even a space guy. Enlarged, you see the pixels
that make up the image.

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