Sunday, August 4, 2013

Google Sketchup 3d Warehouse Contributions

I have uploaded a number of models to Google's 3d Warehouse.

The warehouse is place users can upload their personal models to share with the world.  I started uploading some of the models I used, then forgot about it... until now.

The most downloaded and viewed models were the handicap accessible grab bar models.

It's rewarding to think people are using something I created.

I was always disappointed the Ghostbuster's Firehouse didn't get more downloads. I suppose there is no accounting for taste.

Below are my uploads. 

Ghostbuster's Firehouse

The exact vanity I built for my bathroom.

A fireplace.

ADA toilet grab bars.

ADA shower grab bars and seat.

Mop sink.

Paper Towel Dispenser

ADA Sink Cabinet.

Soap dispenser.

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