Monday, August 19, 2013

A Very Special Christmas Special Progress

So, in a weeks time, I've written a full draft for the hour long Christmas skit. The skit will span four Sundays in December.
We have to wrap it up in three weeks to allow for practices and set building to begin.

Fortunately, I have the set design done, with a few details to work out. We are planning to change the set from week to week- revising furniture and paint each week. We'd like to change the set during one of the skits. I think I've got an idea for that.

This really doesn't convey just how much detail is in this set.

You can tell the dividing and end walls are cut.
The seating wraps all the way to the back stage wall.
 The church already had a CAD plan of their stage, so I was able to design to exact specifications. Though you don't see in in the model, I've designed framing and structural components into the set.
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