Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Your Favorite Isn't Your Best

We have our favorites. Our favorite tool, shirt, athlete, game, etc. It can be hard to separate our favorites from the best. You reach a point where your favorite shirt, the one you spent a little extra on is now faded and worn. It isn't the best thing to wear anymore when you go out.

I started a podcast, If you read this blog you've probably seen me mention it. I like media and I wanted to explore having my own radio show.

I decided to talk about my projects. How I did it, what I learned. It's what I like to do so it's easy to talk about.
Over the last six months I've learned how to podcast and how to market a podcast. The show had changed and I began preparation to start a new podcast about movies, another subject I like to discuss. Check out

While FOTF was my first podcast and my favorite, I realize my movie podcast would likely be more popular. FOTF did a few movie related episodes which outperformed our regular episodes. Movies are more accessible, everyone knows movies and the actors. No one knows me or my projects. It's a simple equation that results in popularity. People search for movie titles, not for random projects on which I'm working.

As I began recording both podcasts, I realized that
my favorite wasn't my best.

It can be difficult to admit when your favorite isn't your best, but it's important to know where to focus your efforts. As I began recording both podcasts, I soon realized that FOTF wouldn't be around much longer. I looked forward to the movie podcast, but was always scrambling for ideas for FOTF. My projects take months, a weekly podcast discussing the same project over and over wasn't working. Little did I realize that just a few weeks after starting the movie podcast I would end FOTF. It was an easy decision, but hard to enact. I had to cut my favorite loose.
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