Monday, May 16, 2016

Shop Tip: Save Time Use Templates

Get more done in less time. Use a template. Even if it's a scrap piece of wood, a template saves time.
I had to drill holes in 22 L shaped brackets. While I could use a ruler and mark each hole, a template is much quicker. Why mark 22 brackets when I can mark a template once?

I marked the holes on one bracket and then transferred the measurements to a piece of scrap plywood. I made centering marks on the plywood to located the template on the bracket and clamped them together.

This kept my hands away from the drill bit, aided in holding the bracket still, and ensured uniform holes in each bracket.

If I wasn't using a drill press, the plywood also helps align the drill bit perpendicular to the bracket. This can help when drilling a horizontal hole that needs to be straight.
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