Wednesday, May 11, 2016

It's the Small Things

We are defined by others. I can call myself an artist, but without corroboration is it true?

I can state I'm great at basketball, but if we played a game I would lose. That statement can't be corroborated.

When did I realize I was an artist and creative? When someone corroborated the thought. Not only was I an artist,  I was the best in my class. Sure it was 1996 and ultimately it doesn't matter, but it changed how I saw my abilities.
I've won awards and contests since then, many more prestigious than this little plaque, but that award changed my viewpoint. I was more capable than I realized.

Maybe you don't need someone to tell you you're good at something, but it's difficult for me to claim I'm good at wood working when I see so many projects that are amazing creatively and technically. It's a level manytiers above me. How can I say I'm good when I put my work against an amazing talent?

There will almost always be someone more talented and less talented than at certain tasks. Does talent even out across the board? Are we all blessed with the same amount of talent, but the skills differ? It leaves the possibility open that you may never discover the skill at which you'd be the most adept.

I suppose you must chase any and all interests. It might be the only way to discover your talent.
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