Monday, May 9, 2016

Idle Projects

Starting projects is easy, finishing them is not. I've got a few projects that  I should finish, but I'd rather start a new project.
Everything I do gets modeled in Sketchup.

I'm already planning for the next project - I'm trying to decide whether to start a Boba Fett scratch built helmet or start a Fallout 3 10mm build.
I've been wanting to start the 10mm for years. I love Fallout, I use this pistol almost exclusively in game and I've wanted to build a prop pistol since I got into props. I've modeled it in Sketchup and have templates ready. I've never liked the in-game texture of the grip. It looks like a piece of cardboard, instead of a checkered grip.
The gun looks great, the grip does not.
I've done a couple of prop recreations and I'm not tied to making them mimic the in game model exactly because in game models are often low-poly or don't translate to the real world exactly.
In a wood working forum, I stumbled across a checkering how to. Originally I was considering trying to find a grip and mold it, though finding the right size would be an issue. I also want to create accessories for it like a silencer, clip, extended clip, and scope. It's going to be a long build.

With that typed, I'll probably start the Boba Fett helmet. It's a cardboard build, and I want to practice building a helmet and it will be quicker than the 10mm. It will also be cheaper, because I'm not going to mold it... yet. One day I might, but molding can get pricey and trying to sell this will very likely net me a C&D.
The pistol is smaller and probably won't require a mold jacket either.

All of this is in addition to the storage cart that is built, painted, and nearly done except for the bins that need to be painted, the "Super-Vac" name plate that just needs chipped paint detailing for my vacuum former (click to see the build), and a truck that needs maybe an hour of work and clean up so I can sell it as it's redundant.
The truck has been redundant for over a year. I've worked on it sporadically, and there are just a few details to finish. Then I have to endure the grind that is advertising and selling it. I'm hoping it will sell quickly. It's a very nice truck with new-ish paint, lots of body work mods, and a relatively low mile engine and transmission.
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