Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What Do You Want to Be? Why Aren't You Doing it?

There are so many things I want to do, that split my time. I'm a wood worker, film maker, writer, prop maker, podcaster, etc.

I know that to excel at any of them, I need to pick one and focus, but I like all of those activities. I focus on certain aspects more than others at times. Leading up to Halloween, I'm primarily a prop maker. November is my attempt at being a writer.

Look at anyone successful in any field. To get there, they were focused and devoted.

I've been thinking about how I haven't created a short film since 2013. That's unacceptable. I've tried vlogging and movie reviews, but I just don't like doing it. I like creating and telling a story. I had planned to start a short film project after November of last year, and five months later I've made no progress.

A long range goal is to make a feature length movie. I don't want to work in Hollywood or be bound by a studio. I want to make a grass roots no budget film on my own. The timeline for that is behind too.

The timeline for podcasting has been more manageable than movie making. Podcasting has been easy to maintain because  it only takes a night to complete an episode. That and I've got a weekly date devoted to it. That's what I need to do with writing and film making. I need to devote a day to it.  I've got ideas that never progress farther. I've got stories that have never made it to video.

I have the desire, but the motivation gets lost among so many activities. What motivates you? Is it circling a date on the proverbial calendar?  Is it picking one day a week to devote to an activity? Maybe you need someone to hold you accountable.

A writing partner makes this easier. My first (and only) feature length film script was written in collaboration. We kept meeting and writing, and I felt an obligation to keep going. Podcasting is a joint venture with the same collaborator.

Maybe your goals are lofty. You want to write movies in Hollywood. That is the end result of a long journey. The first step is to write a script. Not one, or two. Write five, six, or more. Then try to film it.
With any activity, arts, crafts, writing... you need to practice and you need to learn the language. That takes time and commitment. If you can't commit or keep quitting, maybe it's not for you.

I want to be a writer and film maker. It's time to start doing it. One night a week, I'm devoting my time to that.
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