Monday, September 15, 2014

Parody Video - GPS Commercial

If you've ever used a GPS, you've been annoyed with a GPS device. This video captures the frustration encountered, humorously.

The concept started out very simple, using an actual GPS as a prop. We ride along as a person listens to their GPS and is misled.
This concept evolved, using the punch line of the GPS is actually a human being sitting in the backseat. Adding a logo for a fictional company turned it into a parody commercial.
The video ended up being a two-person job. It really needed more people, but that is the struggle.
I should have reviewed the footage between takes and spent more time on the filming portion. The script should have been further developed for filming, and a better location would have helped.
But, I wanted to film a video as it's been far too long. Most of my projects start simple and get so complicated that it's difficult to film since none of them have a budget.

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