Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Poster Design: Brewfest

This contest was to design a poster for the Bright Leaf Brew Fest. I entered last year winning first and third place. Here are my entries from last year.

My first idea was a heads up view of a bar. I wanted something futuristic looking. I ended up doing a '80s style pub and a more traditional pub. When I started drawing the pub it started out looking more traditional. I liked both, so I finished and entered both.
Futuristic pub.

Traditional pub.

I also did a top down view of a pub, where the words were integrated into the setting.

After the party.
My final idea, which I knew wouldn't place but would hopefully illicit a chuckle riffed Captain Planet and their tagline of 'when our powers combine.'  Wherever a brewfest or six-pack occurs, this team springs to action. The likenesses were inspired from television alcoholics.
The joke entry.
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