Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Scratch Built Router Table

I posted a preview of the router table back in November. Now, I'm finally going to walk you through building it. A trip to your local home improvement story will net you everything you need, provided you possess a router.
outer table
The finished router table.

I had dealt with wavy lines that occur from a handheld router. I needed more stability, and since I have two routers, I decided to make a table.

I spent fifteen dollars on this project because I had most of the wood. If you need a sheet of plywood, you'll spend thirty to forty for that. It's still cheaper than buying a ready built table.

The table is heavy, which is what you want when dealing with machinery. You don't want your table walking away.

The top is (2) sheets of 3/4" plywood - 30"x18", a sheet for each end 18"x18", 2x4 bracing at the top of each end and along the runners. The runners are 2x4's, 30" long.

The router is mounted to the top with bolts.  The router I'm using is ready for table mounting, if your router is not you may need to purchase an adapter.
The router mounted.
I bolted the router to the top sheet of wood. I considered getting a metal plate, but don't think it's necessary. I did have to route out the bottom sheet for clearance. It would have been better to cut it before putting the table together. I matched the provided screws with my router and bought longer ones, accounting for the 3/4" sheet of plywood.
The cut out for clearance.
I also bought an electrical receptacle with outlet & switch. I already had a box, cover plate, and cord. The router will be plugged into the receptacle, switched on all the time, and the switch on the box will switch the router. This will be easier than using the switch on the router.

I sourced a 3 pronged cord from my scrap. The receptacle is wired so that the switch controls the outlet. You can find a diagram online. You need to remove the tab so that  jumper from the outlet hot connects to the switch neutral. This controls the receptacle.

 I also made a fence for the router. The current plan is to clamp it to the table, though I may make channels for it in the future.
The rear of the fence.

The front of the fence with cutout.
The fence clamped in place.
 I also drilled holes for tools, the two wrenches to change bits, and the d handle to adjust the height.
Holes drilled for tools.
The only thing I may add in the future is a laminate top.
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