Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Why Can't Everybody Do Everything

I can go to youtube and find a video that will show me how to do almost anything. I've gotten help with car repairs, woodworking, prop making, and even video games. Anything that's creative, chances are someone else is doing it and showing you how. With all the tutorials out there, why can't everybody do everything?

Why aren't there DIY crafts from pinterest littering everyone's house or apartment? Why are there sites that showcase pinterest fails when the instructions take you through the process step by step? Why do car repair garages exist when I could just go to youtube?

When I started my blog, I was hesitant to post  tutorials. I didn't want to give away my secrets. My skills had been developed over decades. I didn't want to give that work away.

Even with step by step instructions, everyone doesn't succeed. We know what good movies are, we've seen them, we've enjoyed them, and yet bad movies are still created. There are hits and there are misses.

Partially, beauty is subjective. The other part, skills differ. Just like some people are born to play a sport, others are born for woodworking, crafting, singing, etc.

No matter how many youtube tutorials  I watch, 
I won't be able to play in the NFL.

Even if you have the skill, it takes effort. The greatest idea in the world, won't succeed without someone developing, expanding, and sharing it. Why can't everybody do everything? Because one person wasn't made to do everything. Seeing isn't the same as doing.
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