Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Is My New Story Idea a Legacy?

I often get ideas of short films I want to make OR stories I'd like to craft. Even innocuous events can trigger an idea.

I try to avoid posting just project ideas or unfinished projects, but I'm not sure I should avoid posting incomplete ideas.

Of what help could an unfinished project or idea be? I also hate the idea that these projects and ideas will be orphaned.

Would my son be interested in my failed or unexplored ideas?

My story ideas gravitate towards short films, or a series of short films. It's easier to make than a feature length film though I've never actually launched a web series, though i want to.
It's been a few years since i even made a short film, something I desperately want to change this year.

I keep wanting to start filming, and that start date keeps getting pushed back.

My latest idea is a detective story. I like the cop genre, but this story, like any story needs a purpose. What will this story do?

I want to explore how what a detective sees informs how life and how they deal with it. What he sees every day has a direct effect on his relationships.

He's sitting in silence at a bar, or he snaps at a woman for making a joke about killing someone.

Will this idea ever become more than just a thought? I don't know. With no budget and only modest resources, I don't know how I can accurately stage crime scenes or faithfully tell a detective story.
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