Friday, August 28, 2015

One Day I'll Make a Movie

One of my dreams is to create a feature length film. The first step for a film is a script, and at least I have that.

The script for my feature length film, tentatively titled What if We Dreamed in Color has a rough draft  I had hoped to begin filming last year, but the script still needs revisions.

While I have a script, I fall into this Ed Wood dilemma. Is it good? Do I think it's good but it's really not? It's hard to trust my own thoughts when I'm close to a project. Many projects, I've come back to and not liked, others I do. At this point, I think it's been over a year since I have even looked at the script.

Even if I've written a bad script, at least I've created something.

There are people that say they want to write a script or book and those that actually do. I actually did it. So I'll give myself an A for effort. So many people want to and never do, so at least I've overcome one obstacle. Even if I've written a bad script, at least I've created something. The script started as a writing project with a friend, and exemplifies how collaboration can make something better.

This movie is about holding on to past regrets, lost loves, and broken dreams. To quote a Lester Freamon, a character from one of the greatest television shows, The Wire, "Life is what happens while you wait for moments that never come." We miss opportunity, joy, and life because we're holding on to a memory or how we wish the world was. The film is in the same vein as The Perks of Being a Wallflower or The Way, Way Back , though I started writing before I knew about those movies. If I ever finish my film those movies will probably have been rebooted.

What does that mean? This movie follows a college aged guy who is holding on to past mistakes and regrets that cloud his decisions now. He is so preoccupied with what has happened, and what will happen, that he doesn't see that what is happening has importance.

Whether it's good or not, I'm not giving up. 

Will this movie ever get made? I hope so, but filming faces hurdles as I have to rely on volunteers and friends. Feature length films done by studios can take three or four months to make working full time. This will be done in my free time. Whether it's good or not, I'm not giving up.
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