Friday, August 7, 2015

Technique Does Not Make an Expert

"Nobody has a monopoly on being you... and if you think your technique is what makes you interesting, you are being ridiculous. Share your techniques."- Adam Savage

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Adam Savage is host of the popular television show Mythbusters and a movie & television prop fan. Adam has attended conventions and created many costumes and props.

I started my blog to catalog my projects so that I wouldn't forget how I did them. I had forgotten before. I wondered how in depth to make my tutorials. Should I even post them publicly, just giving away techniques I had learned over years of experience?

Ultimately I did decide to post in depth tutorials that explain my techniques, mostly for me, and that's how my blog started.

I wondered if by giving away my techniques, would it diminish what I did? I realized that despite all the tutorials online, not everyone is making and doing. Some people have a skill for it and some don't. Sharing the secrets isn't the same as giving away the finished product. The people that can make an awesome project will do so whether I tell them how or not. If I don't tell them, someone else will. Reading a tutorial will not make you an expert. Just because you attempt a project doesn't mean it will turn out well.

Reading a tutorial will not make you an expert.

I had gleaned information from the internet from people that were incredibly knowledgeable and did these things for a living. I had been taught and trained online, expanding my skills. It's selfish to take and not give.

Information is so readily available, that if you don't provide it, someone will. By sharing what you do and how you do it, you create a fan. Being stingy only repels people.There is no secret formula or some special technique that will make you rich or jump start a career. Providing your techniques will not make people as knowledgeable as you. It's your body of work that will rise or fall. It's your hard work and dedication that will launch a career.
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