Friday, August 14, 2015

Conquer Life... Quicker

I like efficiency. Whether attempting to unload groceries from the car in a single trip, determining how to make the fewest cuts with plywood, or the most efficient route to run errands, I don't like to waste my time or effort.
Efficiency. Where speed meets precision.

Saving time on tasks I don't like, provides more time for tasks I do like. Look at it like this, we only have so many seconds on this Earth. Why would you want to waste them?

Time is money
-Ben Franklin

Understand the tools you have.With software, keyboard shortcuts save time from hunting through menus. Extensions in my browser, like lastpass, help me easily remember passwords yet is more secure than use 'password' for each login.

Knowing keyboard shortcuts is like knowing the letters on a keyboard, hunting for buttons or commands takes longer than knowing the location of each key or each keyboard shortcut.

Try to play a piano without knowing the keys, it would be rather difficult to play notes quickly.

Question the process. What are the ways you could approach a project? Is the way it's always been done the right way? Ask the question.

Optimize your time. I run all my errands during the week because I'm already driving and I'm already going by these places. An errand on the weekend is an extra trip and extra gas. Maybe it seems insignificant, but it adds up.

On the microwave, I heat an item for 1:11 or 2:22. instead of 1:30 or 2:30. Why? Your finger doesn't have to travel across the keypad for 1:11. This doesn't save you a ton of time, but applying this mindset to life helps you pick out inefficiencies. 

Have a plan. People that write down goals are statistically more likely to accomplish those goals. I have a prioritized to-do list, so I know the top and secondary priorities. I have this list stored digitally so that  I can access it on any computer of phone. Understand software, and just because you've always used sticky notes, doesn't make them the best option.

This is minutia that crosses my mind. Saving seconds here and there adds up to whole minutes. Minutes add up to hours. Don't waste your time! You're slowly killing yourself if you do.
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