Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Like, Totally '80s Text Tutorial

80s text tutorial
Each of us has wanted to be Rick at some point, stuck in the '80s, mullet blowing in the breeze, while killing rodents with a device that resembles a proton pack. We can't be Rick, but we can rock Rick's logo.

This logo was for a skit a while ago. I started the logo in Google Sketchup. 'Rick' started from an actual font. I offset the lines twice.
'Rodent removal' is a custom font I designed.

'Rodent removal' has an inner shadow and outer glow applied to give it a bit of depth.

A gradient was applied and trimmed for each line of text.

Gradients were applied to 'Rick'.

The opposing gradients make a big difference visually.
The bevels on 'Rick' are gradients trimmed to fit in the outer border. The bevel layer style didn't achieve the effect I was after.

 Keep adding gradients, trimming them as you go.

And here it is. Ready to rock out in an '80s Camaro while AC/DC blasts from the speakers.
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