Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Zombie Text!!

zombie text tutorial
The finished image.
This is how you can start creating awesome titles. This title is for a short film I've yet to begin.
The style looks like something you'd see on a zombie movie poster. Here is how you can make your own title.

Start in Sketchup or a similar drafting program to draw the letters.  I start in a drafting program because once I determine the overall width, height, and letter thickness, I can easily key in dimensions to draw letters. Letter thickness, spacing, and general shape are determined by proportion and not an actual number. The image can be scaled in photoshop. The letter thickness needs to be consistent with all the letters. Copy duplicate letters and similar shapes to speed up the process. Once the letters are done, add the jagged edges.
The letters blocked out.
Next, clean up the edges and offset the lines to give the letters a border.
The letters cleaned up, ready for export.
Export the image. Once in a photo editing program, use the paint bucket to fill the white border, and the green letters. Using the paint bucket on the white border multiple times will cover the black lines from the original import.

Add a gradient and resize to fit the first line of text. Use the wand to select just the green part of the letters, then invert the selection and delete from the gradient layer.
Do the same thing to the next line of text.
Go to Layer Styles and add a Drop Shadow.
Rotate the image slightly, then go to Edit>Transform>Perspective.

If you delete the background and save it as .png file, the image will retain the transparency. Let me know if you have any questions or issues, and send me a link so I can see what you made.
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