Monday, June 30, 2014

Green Screen - Setting Your Photos Anywhere

A green screen can be had for very little. It's best if your setup has very few wrinkles, you can obtain a backdrop support system that will help. I didn't have a support system, so I ironed the green screen before clamping it to two doors I pulled off the hinges.

Below are a few pictures from the green screen. An unwrinkled green screen makes it easier to remove the background and insert a new background. You can remove any background but it will take longer. I used a layer mask and removed the background using the wand and eraser tools.

Pick your new background images and insert them below the character layer.

Adding shadows and shading can help tie the pictures together This layer would be below your character layer and above your background layer. I used the burn tool to darken edges and shadows of the characters. The brightness/contrast was adjusted as well.

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