Friday, June 27, 2014

Removing White Noise from an Audio Track

Audacity is a free audio editor. Among the various features, we are going to focus on noise removal.
This tool will be helpful if you are recording dialog and want to remove white noise. You need to be sure to record a few seconds of ambient noise so that you have a good sample. This works best if you are removing a constant hum.

Open your audio file, then using your mouse to click and drag, select a portion of white noise, that is devoid of any dialog or sound you want to keep.

The white noise sample is selected.

Click the effect menu, and select noise removal.

Select your effect.

Click get noise profile.

Click ctrl+a to select the entire track. Click the noise menu, and select noise removal again. Then click ok. The white noise has now been removed.

Depending on how much white noise was removed, you may need to add a bass boost effect.

Click the file menu, then export. Follow the prompts to save your file.
Export your file.

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