Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Reclaimed Wood Nativity Sign

Here is how to make a rustic wood Nativity sign.


I cut out a portion of a pallet that fit the space where I wanted to hang it. I then cut a portion of the cross brace to make it slimmer.
The vertical brace was twice as thick before cutting.

There were already two screws in the brick to hang the sign.

Next you can either leave the wood raw or stain it. I stained it. I used a very light stain to maintain the original color.

I mock hung the picture, and marked the back side of the braces. I drilled a hole at each end and inserted a drywall screw. I used 12 ga. electrical wire,wrapped each end of the wire around the screw multiple times, pulled it tight with pliers, and then hung the wood sign. You may have to adjust the wire to achieve the desired height.

The wire has wrapped the screw two full times.

The wire has been adjusted to hang the picture at the desired level.
You can also see the spots where I test stained.

I taped the bottom of the sign off and spray painted the ground gray.

Cover whatever you don't want painted. Spray paint will over spray.

Determine what you want on your sign regarding animals and people. I drew the image I wanted in photoshop as a guide, then free handed it from the digital image using white acrylic paint.

Painting had begun, but there is much more to go.

The text may have been the most difficult part, but with all things, just take your time.

I added a few small stars to finish it off.

Watered down black acrylic was used to simulate the shadows cast from the star and give the composition some depth.

If you happen to mess up (and I did), watered down burnt umber and apply as many coats as needed.

Once you have painted the images and given ample time to dry, you're done. Hang your sign and enjoy!
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