Monday, December 2, 2013

I Made a Four Foot Tall DVD Costume

Who hasn't thought, 'Hey, I need a four foot tall DVD case costume. What do I do?'
Wonder no longer, today I take you step by step.  through the process.

I started with the ever versatile EVA foam. I glued interlocking mats together to achieve a roughly three foot by four foot size, maintaining proportions to an actual DVD. The face dimension is 36.5" x 52". The overall banner dimension is 76"x51".

I reinforced the inside with the border strips. The edges were painted with Plasti-dip.

The DVD labels are vinyl printed graphics. I designed the graphics for banners, based on the actual counterparts, which spoof Christmas movies.

The image design was done at 300 dpi, actual dimensions, which ensured a high quality final image. Each banner ran about $80. Which isn't bad considering the complexity and size.

Spray adhesive attaches the banners to the foam. The adhesive was sprayed at each vertical edge and the front side of the spine. The costumes are made to curve around the performers. If the adhesive was sprayed continuously, it would have created wrinkles when worn. While wrinkles are present in the images below, when worn the wrinkles are much less pronounced.

The foam glued together, including the front and back panels and sides.
Painted with Plasti-dip and ready for covers.
The front of each DVD. Each cover is a vinyl printed banner.
Spine of each DVD.
I even added the case opening detail.

 Here is a picture of the set. I wish it had adhered closer to my design, or I had been contacted to work out some of the details and changes. While it looks good, the small details are what separate good from great.
The set nearly completed.

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