Tuesday, June 4, 2013

And so, it begins

As this is my first blog post, I feel it only appropriate to explicitly  reference the fact. I'm learning as I go. Now that I've done that lets talk about content.
Since my interests strongly favor creative endeavors, my blog is going to discuss those topics.  The plan is to build a resource of tutorials and catalog my endeavors.

Look forward to posts discussing short films I have and will create, and hopefully my feature length project will gain momentum. You'll get the scoop here first.

That's not all, I've built furniture, cars, props, and costumes.  You can expect tips and hints on how to build stuff. I'll even provide pictures.

I enjoy graphic design and writing. I had hoped to self-publish a collection of short stories this year, but I'm behind on that too.

An ancillary goal is feedback. If this blog gains an audience, I'd like opinions, so feel free to comment.

Thank you for your time. Expect a number of posts to start as I update you on a number of projects currently underway. Hopefully future posts will be more entertaining (and contain more pictures).
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