Friday, March 10, 2017

Under Sink Storage in 20 Minutes

Build a Shelf
Under the sink quickly becomes a disorganized wasteland. In twenty minutes I built a quick shelf with scrap wood and  a few screws, bringing a semblance of order to the area.
While this won't ensure things stay neat, it will help maintain order and help make use of unused space.
Materials Used:
The piece of scrap wood was already painted so I didn't have to do that. I used six screws, but four would suffice.

I created a lip on one side so things wouldn't roll off. The other side doesn't have a lip because the sink drain would stop anything from rolling.
Tools Used:
Measure the size required for your space. In my case I wanted a 16" tall shelf. I made one leg 16", made the other leg 17" so that it would have a lip and made the length of the shelf 22". Three screws secure each end of the shelf to the legs.
I pre-drilled the screw holes to avoid splitting, then attached them.

Since this goes under the sink you can leave it unfinished or use any leftover paint you might have. It doesn't show, so it doesn't matter how bad (or good) it looks. Paint is a good idea to protect the wood from moisture since it is under the sink.
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