Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Make Custom Peg Board Hooks

With chain link fence ties you can make custom peg board hooks.
This project started when I ran out of hooks and wanted an alternative without buying the fancy pegboard hook sets.

I happened to have chain link fence ties lying around and with a pair of pliers, I formed the ties into all kinds of shapes to fit my need.

You'll spend $12-15 on a pegboard specific hook assortment of 50 or so hooks. That same amount of money buys 100 chain link fence wire ties and I cut many ties down and got 2 or 3 out of each tie. You could get 200 or more hooks out of one bag. That's not a bad deal.
A chain link fence tie. Each is 6.5" long.
The ties are malleable enough to bend by hand, but you'll need pliers for tight curves. The standard hook in the ties is perfect for hooking into the pegboard.

I've used them to hang wrenches and sockets. You want a slight angle up so things don't slide off.

Socket wrench in a loop.
The loop without the wrench.
For the socket wrench I created a loop. The ties are great for creating custom loops that fit the specific tool. You can see a segmented socket wrench extension for which I also created a loop.
A few simple angled hooks for wrenches. The wire ties hold up fine under the weight.

You can create a long hook with an upturned end for sockets.
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