Monday, December 5, 2016

Make a Center Line Finder

Want a quick way to find the center line of a 2x4?
I'm often marking the center line on 2x4s or strips of plywood. I saw a similar project and decided to make one for myself big enough for a 2x4.

I used scrap I already had. This is two pieces of 3/4" plywood glued together. Two sheets give it more weight and make it easier to grip. I rounded off all the edges and corners.

It's crucial you drill a hole in the exact center for the pencil. The pencil will be removable. Then determine the width of board you want to measure. I decided on a 2x4, so there is 4" clear between the two dowels. Make sure they are both equal distance from the center hole.
They are about 3.5" long, with 1.5" of that embedded in the plywood.
As long as both pegs contact the 2x4, it will mark the center of the board, it doesn't matter which way you twist it. It's a lot quicker than trying to measure.
Even if your holes are slightly off, scribe a line, flip it and scribe another. If the dowels are off, you'll still be able to find the center easier.
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