Monday, December 21, 2015

Shop Tip: Steal Ceiling Storage Space

Horizontal space is a premium in my shop as I will soon have a vacuum former and I need a place to put it. I've been reorganizing my shop in preparation.
I needed horizontal storage space for plastic sheeting, but I didn't have the room. What did I do?

I used ceiling space for storage. I split and cut up a 2x4, screwed it together and created three U shapes that are 6" tall and 48" long. These U shapes are attached to every other joist to provide a 48"x 72" storage space.

I can store my plastic on this rack instead of in a roll that takes up a lot of floor space. Plastic is thin and thus doesn't rob much head room. I also won't have to deal with the curving shape of rolled up plastic.
I put a piece of foam down as the plastic could sag in between the hangers. Hard board or even a thin plywood also works. I taped it down, though nails are fine too.
Using scrap 2x4s, I split them and cut (6) six inch lengths.

I attached the six inch sections to four foot long 2x4s.

I pre-drilled all holes and used drywall screws and glue for attachment.

My screws were a little short, so I recessed the heads to get enough depth.

Everything is attached and ready to hang.

I started the screws in the hole to make the connection to the joist easier.

I marked on each six inch leg where it should hit the joist, screwed in one side, then the other.

Since I"m storing plastic, I put down a sheet of foam to stop the plastic from bowing. Hard board
or thin plywood would suffice.

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