Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My New Business Venture

I have decided to pursue a new business venture.
I had the distinct pleasure of meeting a man who told me he was an entertainer. He then handed me a card that has his picture, his name, and the statement "Ernest T. Bass Imitator."

Dashing Rogue Imitator

I like the distinction between imitator and impersonator. It's hard to impersonate a person or character, but it is much easier to imitate.

This has inspired me. I'm missing a huge opportunity. 

Please see below, for your entertainment options. Contact me for pricing, travel, and scheduling arrangements. Remember, that quality comes at a cost.

Bender & Robot Imitator

Cowboy & Sheriff Imitator

Detective Imitator

Ghostbuster Imitator

Templar Knight Imitator

Parrot Imitator

Shaun of the Dead Imitator

Tiger Imitator

Two Face Imitator
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