Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WardWorks in Costume

Halloween is just around the corner and I'm trying to finish my costume.

Every year, my Halloween costume raises the bar. Is it due to my holiday cheer or my insatiable desire to one-up my previous year's costume? I'll let you judge.

The first self-made costume was a hobo. I used it for a number of years, and every year, someone resorted to calling me Lieutenant Dan. Every. Single. Year.

He just wants something to eat!

It was simple, funny, and I even had a liquor bottle prop the first year (realism for the kids!).

The picture doesn't do the mohawk justice.

The next year, the costume was a 'punk'.  I cut my hair into a real mohawk.  Denim vest with a skull marker image I drew on the back, ragged shirt, blue hair dye, and re-purposed Darth Vader gloves. Who cuts their hair for a costume?

Ward of the Dead!

I may be the most proud of this costume. Shaun of the Dead from the eponymous movie. It featured my first prop, a cricket paddle cut from scrap, and a paper-craft name tag. Granted, very few people had heard of the movie, but I won't fault them.

Looks friendly enough.

This costume was not for Halloween. I was a robot. What better inspiration than the most famous robot of all. I even wired up a switch so that the eye 'socket' lit up when I spoke. I may have scared a few children along the way. Now, all I can think is how I could make it so much better knowing what I do now.

A detective without a gun?

The detective. This one may not have raised the bar by a high margin, but there are worse costumes.

That is some bodacious hair.

Not for Halloween, but a sheriff. If only I could have grown a legitimate mustache.

He even has a bundle of dynamite. How villainous!

Two-face, probably my 'best' costume.  I didn't intend to start as a comic character, but as the concept evolved,  I went with it.  My first foray into makeup and sewing. The kids loved it. I just wish I could find more occasions to wear the suit.

My upcoming costume has been the most time consuming. Luckily, I get more use out of it due to a medieval themed production.  You can review my various tutorials on how I made specific sections of the costume.  I've add numerous touches for Halloween. I'd say this raises the bar, and may just be my new favorite.If I had tried to buy all components off the shelf instead of making them, I would probably be in debt. =)

You'll have to wait until Halloween for the full reveal. Let me know which of my previous costumes is your favorite.
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