Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween 2013 - Templar Knight

I started early this year on my Halloween costume. Around January to be exact. (Yeah, I know.)

My costume is a Templar Knight from Assassin's Creed.

You may have seen various parts of the costume on the blog previously. But today you get one glorious post of all components. I've got a photoshoot set for Saturday. I'll update with more pics then.

Chainmail Hauberk

Leather (look) Bracers

Helmet Part 1

Helmet Part 2

The leather bracers took about a week with dying the foam. The chainmail took a few MONTHS. I will most likely never make chain mail again =). There are over 15k rings and I made each ring and sewed them all together.  It doesn't sound fun because it's not, but when I walk into McDonalds for a Big Mac, I feel like a champ.

The helmet lets people know I mean business. It began as a plastic 'For Sale' sign. The helmet is easily my favorite piece. The damage and weathering on it came out great. It was definitely a learning experience.

The tunic I patterned and sewed myself. I did cringe a bit upon in essence ruining the tunic I just completed, but those are the breaks. In the end I'm very pleased with it. The weathering was a beautiful effect and makes it look accurately used, because a Templar Knight would be washing a tunic every night.

Belts. Somethings got to hold the tunic up. I had a couple of belts on hand. And I also had a sword on hand. I dirtied it up a bit and it was good to go.

The shoes were bought items.

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