Monday, October 17, 2016

Headphone Padding Improvement/Repair

I've had my headphones for many years. The padding had flattened and they became uncomfortable. This is a cheap and easy way to fix that.
The padding around the ears on my headphones had flattened with time to the point that the headphones were mashing my ears and just weren't comfortable. This is an easy fix.

My head phones are Audio Technica M30s. They've been great, but the padding is flat.
Get foam backer rod, typically used for caulking. I used 1/2" size because I had it on hand. I'd suggest going a size larger. Use the headphones to approximate how much backer rod you need. Just wrap the backer rod around the ear piece and then cut it.
Push the backer rod into the headphone ear piece around the perimeter.
This doesn't require glue as tension keeps it in place. My headphones are once again comfortable. This also works with headphones that don't have enough padding.
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