Monday, June 13, 2016

WardWorks Studio Office

No, WardWorks isn't getting an office. At least, not yet.
I had a few ideas for an office that I've been wanting to get out of my head and since it's been too long since I've opened Sketchup, here you go.

I started just wanting to sketch a conference room/area that was sunken into the floor, then the design just kept growing into what would my ideal office look like if WardWorks were to get an office.

The multi-level plan is cost prohibitive, but generates a neat space.

I wanted the conference table in the center and lower because in the WardWorks studio, collaboration is crucial. The lower elevation, lets anyone walking by see the current work. I also wanted break out spaces around the conference table. Sometimes you just need to hang out or need to take a break.
Cubicles line the perimeter walls. Individual spaces are needed, I was split on whether two people would share a cubicle, but decided against it. I also included a podcast area and an enclosed room. With it being an open plan, sometimes you need space for a private phone call.

I want to do more with storage, but this is the preliminary design. I've added some built in storage, but I want something more clever.

The ramp takes up a lot of space, but I want the design to be accessible for anyone. That and it's the law. It was either a ramp or an elevator.

Stairs and ramps have to have a handrail.  Guard rails are required if a walking surface is higher than 30" to an adjacent surface. So that dictated the elevation of the conference area to be 30".

The double benefit of a 30" elevation is that a ramp longer than 30' would need a landing at the midpoint. The ramp is 30' long and at the maximum steepness while still conforming to the law.
It has bathrooms, an open break room, a reception desk, and a green screen are for filming. I'd like to refine those items, but the design has reached it's limit for now. It was just a fun exercise that got a bit bigger than anticipated.
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