Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fix that Lamp in a Few Minutes

I've had this broken lamp sitting on my work bench for years. I finally decided to fix it.
Fix that old lamp with the short.
I assumed the problem was the receptacle. I suppose duct tape was no longer sufficient.
Note: It's not supposed to look like that. Duct tape isn't sufficient.
I removed the screw in the base and popped off the bottom. I pulled the cord to give me enough room to work before snipping it, and I took a scrap cord to splice into the lamp. Strip the wire off the existing cord and new cord. Twist the ends of the wire together and then use a screw nut. Wrap the base of the wire and then the screw nut with electrical tape.
Unscrew and pop off the base.
Remove the old cord and insert the new, twisting the wires together and adding wire nuts.
Add electrical tape to ensure the wire nuts stay in place.
Push the wires into the bottom and replace the base. The lamp now works.

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