Thursday, November 12, 2015

Shop Tip: Undeniable Usefulness of Wire

This is a handy tip  for cord management. If you need to manage multiple cords at one receptacle or coiled wire, extension cord, or rope, you need this tip.

I've got a limited number of receptacles in my shop. I have a three receptacle extension cord hung from the ceiling, but I usually have five or six tools with cords. A piece of 12 gauge wire wrapped around the extension cord holds the cords not in use, saves me trouble, prevents me from tripping over the cords on the floor, and keeps me organized because cords aren't all over the place.

Check out the video:

Wire wrapped around the cord with two loops will mange cords with ease.
Wire that is 12 gauge is easy to bend but strong enough to stay in place. I can manage my cords and switch them out much easier when I don't have to hunt for them on the floor.

12 gauge wire in black and white
I've used wire as a cord tie for extensions cords and wire keeps my camera charger attached to my tripod. With a simple hook and loop I can keep the charger cord organized and coiled.

A simple hook and loop allows for easy removal of the cord.

With wire you can keep up with your cords and secure them right where you need them. The 12 gauge wire can support a surprising amount of weight without distorting.
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