Monday, June 1, 2015

Terrarium Project

Do you want to create your own ecosystem? A terrarium is the project for you. It adds a splash of green wherever it resides and is a very quick project.

This is an experiment as much as a project. I'll report back in a few weeks on whether my ecosystem is thriving. One note, place the terrarium in a place that gets sunlight.

  • A sealable glass jar, I used a mason jar
  • Small gravel/rocks
  • Potting soil
  • Activated charcoal. I don't know if this is required. I had it so I used it. If I didn't have any on hand, I wouldn't have used it.
  • Plants. I'm not a botanist. I don't know what works best. I used clover, grass, and moss from my yard.
  • Water
Take  the glass jar and clean it. Place enough gravel to fill the bottom. Then add a layer of potting soil. Sprinkle charcoal on the soil and then arrange the vegetation. I dug up clover and moss from my yard. Dirt may still cling to the roots and that's okay. Spend time arranging the vegetation so that it looks nice. Add water. I don't know how much, I estimated enough  to cover the rocks in the bottom. Then I added a toy zombie just because.

In a few weeks I will update on how my terrarium is thriving and update the procedure if necessary. Below is a quick video on the process.
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