Monday, November 3, 2014

Foam Proton Pack

I needed a lightweight pack built quickly. My solution was insulation foam. It's easy to cut and sand.

I did one foam pack at 50% scale for my son, and a true scale pack for my wife.
mini foam proton pack
The mini-pack.
I cut the foam primarily using a table saw. I sacrificed a few details due to time.

I glued the pieces together using spray adhesive, I'm hoping it holds up (which it did!). I coated the foam with a styrofoam coating that preps for paint- MagiKote. The foam pieces were glued to a 1/8" hardboard motherboard.
foam proton pack

The mini pack motherboard is epoxied to a 3/4" pvc frame. I printed lables from Hprops at 50% scale. They were attached using spray adhesive.

I cut backpack straps and zip tied those to the pvc frame. Vacuum hose from a GM vehicle was re purposed for the pack hoses. The split loom is 3/8". A 3/8" dowel was epoxied onto the wand and the motherboard of the pack. Then the split loom was epoxied to the dowel.

foam proton pack
The wand is wood.
mini wood proton pack wand

The full size pack is done in the same manner, zip tied to an alice pack frame.
foam proton pack

foam proton pack
Magikote was used to prep it for paint.
wood and pvc proton pack wand
The wand is wood and PVC pipe.

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