Monday, January 6, 2014

Tile on the Floor Part 1

One of the first new projects of the year is tiling the floor in the kitchen. I previously tiled the walls, floor, and shower in the bathroom.

This is the new floor. A gray ceramic tile.

The kitchen floor was the ugliest floor in the house when we moved in. Somehow we've replaced all the floors but the kitchen, but no longer shall it intrude.

As you can see, the pattern is dated and the floor has faded.
The previous owners had generously replaced some, but not all of the faded tile.

There were three layers of resilient flooring. As I started removing the first layer, it didn't look too bad. It could be the basis for an awesome retro style.

Then I saw this...

I'm guessing someone tried to set the floor on fire.

There are three layers of flooring in total. I plan to remove all previous flooring so that the tile will match the height of the wood floor.

First, I removed the quarter round using a pry bar. This allowed me pry the first layer up. It was stuck to a wood backer board that was screwed down with drywall screws.

Depending on your application, you may have to remove the baseboard as well. While prying any of the trim away from the wall, go slowly and try to pry at the nails.

I pried portions of the floor up, removing the screws as I went. I will discard the flooring, so ripping the floor doesn't matter.

In the next installment, I hope to have the new backer board down. Stay tuned.

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